ARENAXR: Conix Research Center Internship
Duration:  Ongoing
Role: UX/UI Intern
Tools: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Python, Blender, HTML/CSS︎︎︎
In the summer of 2022, I interned at Conix Research Center working on a variety of different projects — mainly ARENAXR. The Augmented Reality Edge Network Architecture (ARENA) is a platform designed to simplify programming where there is a mix of virtual and physical systems. ARENA makes it easy to create and host multiple applications that interact with users and other agents in an immersive 3D environment created inside a browser.

I defined the user work flow for accessing menus within mixed reality. I also prototyped various spatial interface components and their interactions. I’m currently working on how to make interaction in AR/VR human. 

Work Flow

Designed a workflow for accessing menus within AR/VR. Menus are access through interacting with suspended volumetric icons that rotate around programs in space or around the user.  

Currently under further development - refining interaction and motion 🔧

Arena Testing ︎︎︎

Button Interactions

Short prototype demonstrating how users will interact with the interface across different platforms.


Demo in VR

Demo in AR

UI Primitives

Designed UI primitives and their interactions in Blender: switches, checkboxes, buttons, radio buttons, sliders, dialogue boxes.

User Research

Used a variety of different user research methods to better understand how people navigated mixed reality experiences. 

Redesigned web interface ... ?
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