CMU 365: Mixed Reality Campus Tour
Duration: 4 Weeks
Catherine Liu
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Aero, Figma

Full Process

CMU 365 is an AR campus tour that aims to let visitors experience what Carnegie Mellon University is like at any time of the year. CMU 365 takes advantage of augmented reality technology to replicate special events on campus no matter what time visitors choose to visit.



Created personas of potential campus visitors and considered their age, occupation, location, family situation, education levels, wants, needs, motivations, and disabilities.

System Map

The system map describes how different components of CMU 365 function together to create this immersive experience. 


Wrist nagivation for easy and intuitive access to personal menus. The wrist menu allows the user to customize their environment to their liking.

Eye tracker software is used to identify where the user is looking to access additional information. This helps reduce visual clutter.

Each club table has a variety of different interactables. Familiar gestural interactions are used to make the experience more intuitive and human. 

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